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The city of UMRAN aims to enable Muslims, as well as people of all religions, to experience a digital life in the Metaverse. 

UMRAN will contain several digital platforms resembling the real world we live in, where people can interact with or experience through different technologies, including blockchain and crypto-assets, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality, 3D reconstruction, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT). 

Umran will allow digital global generations to learn, socialize, earn, shop and trade, without going through a traditional web2 platform or financial institution.


The Umran Metaverse has opted for DAO ecosystem, a refined autonomous ecosystem which is created to handover control to the members of Umran. In this system, members can own land assets and Umra tokens in large sums. In DAO, members control policies created to determine how the world behaves and what kind of wearable items are allowed or forbidden and what are the land/auction policies. Authority for creation and moderation of content/events will be given to the members. Owner of a single land parcel NFT will be able to cast only one vote. There will be fixed amount of token allocations for Dao members based on SocialFi.


A unique Learn and Earn system is adapted by Umran. Through this system members can learn different languages, Quran, Hadiths, Sunnah and Islamic history while earning Umra tokens. There will be many kinds of learning; from blockchain education to digital marketing.


Artists can create NFTs, wearable NFTs and virtual assets / scene NFTs to sell and earn, Realtors can become virtual estate agents for lands. Marketing specialists can offer advertising and event promotion services. Brands can link their e-commerce websites to their virtual stores.  Tour guides can offer virtual tourism in the Umran metaverse.


Umran will deploy many types of game experiences, including an extensive historical narrative team based RPG, which will be integrated with Umran economy and NFTs. The story follows a player-controlled character as they embark on an epic journey through the continent, in a search for their brotherand tribe, who have been captured and enslaved by a barbaric and sadistic tribe. 

Technologies Behind Umran

Umran Competitors

Below is the table that shows a comparison between Umran and other competitive metaverses.

  Umran Decentraland Sandbox Axie Infinity
Mobile Yes No No Yes
Desktop Yes Yes Yes Yes
VR Yes No No No
AR Yes No No No
Sidechain solution Yes  No  No Yes
NFT Bridges Polygon Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum, Ronin
Play to earn Yes No Yes Yes
Create to Earn Yes No No No

About Our Token

Token Name: Umran token


Ticker: UMRA
Total Supply: 5 billion tokens
Network: Ethereum


Umran Token

Token is the native token of the Umran metaverse having its unique economy. It will be used as a utility token created to be an integral facilitator of transactions within the Umran metaverse. All the members on the metaverse can use Umra tokens to buy and sell their land, NFTs, or wearables in the Umran metaverse. 

Players can earn Umran tokens as ingame rewards by playing and completing the Sab’a game. Users will also have the right for voting and taking participation in the metaverse decisions, based on the Umra tokens they will have.

Umra token is built on top of Ethereum , using the ERC20 standard. It comes with a wide range of different features, like faster speed and lower cost etc., which makes it much better than all other token standards. We will also bridge UMRA tokens with Polygon. 

Create to Earn
Play to Earn
Liquidity / Staking
Foundation Financial
Seed Round
Private Round
Public Round
Advisor / Partnership
Development / Founder

The World's of Umran

Umran consists of seven worlds representing seven heavens each with unique theme and game play. The metaverse has about 200,000 land parcels that are available for sale. People can buy and sell these land parcels

Build On Your Land

Construct your digital space with pre-made assets

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